24 March 2009


So, I was sitting in the lounge room the other night, Sunday night to be exact, and I suddenly hurried this frantic sound. It sounding like feet with nails trying to gain tracking on the tiled floor. I thought to myself, "Great it's going to be a a long night" because the cat has started her nightly spastic routine and the night was actually just getting started. I know she gets this way ever so often and she runs around the house for about half an hour like she is possessed. Some people call it the night time kitty crazes and other thing. It seems that all cats do this but usually it's younger cats and ours is far from being a kitten.

Anyway, I figured she'd get it out of her system and the rest of the evening would be peaceful. The next thing I see and hear is her running past me at lightning speed and she ended up across the room under another chair we have in the lounge room. I then did what normal cat owners do and I yelled at her to "Cool it". She replied by suddenly starting to climb up the pole of the floor lamp.

Hang on cats can't climb steels pole as they have nothing for their claws to dig into. Hang on that's not the cat. It's a possum! That's right a possum You know, I talked about them before being in the back yard eating our tree. Well it seems they or at least one of them decided to come into the house to investigate. Hang on, how did he/she get in the house? To be honest I didn't really even think about how it got in all I wanted to do was now get it out of the house. So, I jumped up out of my chair. I'm watching the possum like a hawk and he/she has now spotted me with this wild look of "Get me out of here" and "I wonder if he has spotted me?". That last question works for me and the possum.

I ran to the back door, which as I said was closed, and opened it so he/she would have an exit as it seemed to forget from whence it came. At the same time, I'm trying to get hubby to come out from his shower to help me get this thing out of the lounge room and out the back door. While waiting for the possum to make the next move I did start to wonder how the hell he/she did actually get into the house. There are no holes in the attic. So, he has not come in through the roof or had he? Once again eyes on the crisis! We need to focus on getting the crazed wildlife out of my home.

The possum finely got tired of trying to hang from the floor lamp and started to run around the lounge room, then back down the hall way and eventually into the kitchen. Like I said I had opened the back door and I'm just trying to guide him towards it by gently yelling "Get out, go on Get out" I'm sure that helped as he tried even more frantically to figure the way out. He finally made it to the door and believe it or not he stopped just before going out the door as if to say "Hmm maybe I'll stay a bit longer". I convinced him/her otherwise by finally yelling one more time GET THE HELL OUT!, which seemed to work.

So after he/she left and I got down from the counter. OK, I wasn't really on top of it but I sure as hell was behind it. Okay maybe I was on it, but I mean let's be real, there was a wild undomesticated, very scared, frantic to get away, one and a half foot fur ball with very sharp claws and teeth wanting to get out of my house. I did not want to get in it's way nor did I want him coming at me. Although if he/she could climb a floor lamp then it surely could hop onto the counter if it needed to do so. I wasn't even safe there. And although hubby kept reminding me that possums are basically vegetarians and that he/she was probably more scared then I was. I told hubby to hell with the Animal Planet biology lesson on the eating habits of a bush tail possum. I, plain and simple, did not want that animal dancing on my head trying to find it's way out and didn't really care if it was more afraid of me then him/her.

Anyway moving on, it was gone so how the hell did it get in? Hubby then says "how about the chimney/" and I said that the possum was way to big to fit through the vent opening in the fireplace in the lounge or for that matter the vents to the fireplace in the office and the one in our bedroom were also too small and closed. However, what about the guest bedroom fireplace? Sure enough as we entered the guest bedroom there was next to and at the bottom of the fireplace was this huge pile of dirty and crap that the possum apparently brought down the chimney with him. We don't us that fireplace but we also have not sealed it off as we want to leave the option open in case we have company in the winter and then we can light a fire for them. Actually, seeing all the crap that the possum brought down from the chimney of that fireplace showed me that we will have to have a chimney sweep come out before we ever use that fireplace.

We will be looking at the best way to seal that fireplace, without sealing it off completely, this week so we don't have any more uninvited guest. Thankfully the cat was not in the house. I can only imagine the scenario if she had been. I can envision lots and lots of broken glass objects being knocked off tables and shelves as she tried to catch it while it tried to find a way out. I don't know why it didn't just climb back up the chimney where it fell in. I mean it had strong enough claws to hold on to that metal pole but alas he did not leave the way he came.

All I can say about my Sunday night is; "WTF was that all about?"


A Lewis said...

oh my gosh, I'd have freaked out and been up on the chair!

Ur-spo said...

I think opposums indoors is a good sign of upcoming luck. (if you are from S. Arkansas).

Nathan said...

This is just wild! I'm almost speechless! Well I'm glad everyone came out alright after your surprise visit :)

Moys said...

Where the hell was Molly?!!!!!!
p.s. The possum did you a favour - you should be thankful as you wouldn't have looked up that chimney if he hadn't come down it. Way to go Possum!! LOL!!!