19 May 2009

Guilty, that's me...

Okay I'm going to list this post under 10 things you never knew about me and I never thought I would tell you. So here goes:

1. I sleep the way I was born, in the fetal position. Okay, I meant in the nude but sometimes I do end up in the fetal position depending on the day I had.

2. I hate oysters but I have sucked the heads of crawfish. (read into that what you want)

3. I've been in two accidents and one hit and run with a yield sign. The first two were not my fault. The last one I never knew it happened until the next morning. (again read into that what you want)

4. When it comes to television viewing two of my guilty pleasures are watching "Charmed" and "Sex in the City". Don't judge me you don't know me.

5. Lately, I cry at the drop of a hat and for a lot of other reasons too. Seriously, I find myself crying at the most innocuous things while watching something on telly. Maybe I'm becoming more sensitive as I get older. No, that's not it.

6. When I was much, much younger and very foolish I had a few risque (aka nude) pictures taken of my self and my then partner. I took possession of said photos and they came into close contact with a match and as the say ashes to ashes.

7. I had sex at the office. Once again when I was very, very young and foolish and I'm not telling you if it was with a colleague or the boss.

8. I believe in re-incarnation and I used to torment the nuns at my school by asking questions about it. I also spent a lot of time doing jobs around the convent for being impertinent.

9. I have a low tolerance for stupidity and the people who pretend to be.

10. When it comes to boxers or briefs, I like a little of both. Once again when I was wild and impetuous I usually went commando.

You know after reading this list I did a lot of things when I was younger. Gee, how things do change. Anyway I hope you liked reading this little list, maybe I'll come up with some more fun little facts later on. Until then Enjoy...

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Ur-spo said...

I enjoy tidbits like this. fun reading!