12 March 2010

12 of 12 for March 2010

Well, I haven't been posting very well as of late but I hope this post will makes up for that. I also have not posted a 12 of 12 for some time so I'm really excited and happy to finally be able to share these photos with you. I took 162 photos so it was really hard to pick just 12, but I did pick some. All of these photos are from around our new home back in Sydney. We moved from Tasmania back to Sydney in January. Actually we are just on the north side of Sydney in a suburb called Freshwater. We kept our house down in Tassie and have leased it out who knows maybe when retirement time rolls around it will make a nice place to go to for those golden years. Anyway, as I said these pictures have all been taken either around our new home or around the area that we now live. So, without further adieu here are this months photos. I hope you like them and with that I say...Enjoy

We planted this Frangipani right after we moved back and we are extremely happy that it is blooming and doing well.

Just and interesting picture of a plant we replanted and placed in the garden.

This is a spider called a Golden Orb Spider. They are everywhere in our garden. This one has been in this same place for over a month. It is a female as they are bigger than the males. They can bite and are a bit venomous but not enough to kill you. I'm going to find out.

This is the mystery photo so you can guess what it is.

Just a bit of greenery which I believe is a Christmas cactus.

A very beautiful plant of which we have several in our garden. I don't know what they are but this one is actually about four times bigger than what I have shown you here.

I took this picture from the car on a trip back to the house from running errands. I wanted a picture of the beach that holds the name of the suburb in which we live AKA Freshwater Beach. However, inadvertently I got more than I bargained for and I'm sure you can figure out what I mean. I actually thought it was quite funny.

A better picture of our beach.

This was taken at my brother-in-laws. they live about five minutes awy, literally around the corner.

We don't know the name of this tree but I just think it's beautiful.

These are my brother-in-laws dogs. The older one is named Diesel and the puppy is namec Bronte.

And last but not least I saw this bug which I identified as a stink bug. However, the only stink bugs I can remember when I lived in the states were all green. As you can see this one is definitely not just green. Anyway, that it for this month I hope you liked some of the photos and I hope very much to take some next month. See you then...


Jill said...

Hi TJ,
Your photos are beautiful! (Well, except the stinkbug, and he's cool in his own way, lol). I'm quite jealous of your beach since we still have a foot of snow in the yard.
My guess for the mystery shot is water of some sort... maybe in a pon in your garden?
- Jill


what a lovely set. as winter here seems to precosciously come to a close, it is a very uplifting set of photos you've given us to day.

BTW: may i "borrow" your angel picture??? i'm sure i can find some use for it.

the mystery picture? a glass pane of some kind? there is too much regularity to be a pond.

for me to even like a picture of a spider is all the credits to you, as these creatures horrify me. their engineering is amazing, but they creep me out nonetheless. no need to test her venom on our account...

nice job!!
time for me to get at it!!
beautiful sunrise here this morniong, and unseasonably warm as well.

Cubby said...

Great pics TJ. I especially like the ones of the coast. Now I have to rev up Google Earth and see the big picture.

Pete said...

Hi TJ good to have you back with us again.

Love the 50 Cent picture, hehe. The beach looks beautiful as well.
Hmm I would also guess the mystery photo is some kind of glass, maybe a large drinking tumbler maybe or something like that?

Anonymous said...

I suspect the mystery photo was taken outside. Is it a metal reflective garden ornament?

cmorgenstern said...

Hi TJ,
thanks for visiting my blog. I always enjoy meeting new bloggers and particularly from the other side of the world. I just love your photos. They are personal and so well taken. I love flowers but we live in a very cold spot. We still have snow and we had temperatures below 20 degrees celsius this winter. We are still in the minus zone and flowers don't particularly like frost. I can't wait for spring this year because winter is being soooo long.
Take care and thanks for sharing your pics. Hope to see you again sometime at the lastest at the next 12of12.
Take care,
Christa from the centre of Germany

Dogeared said...

I moved in January too, so I hope you're both happy and settled now!

Cute pups and yay for a beach nearby! Always good - though I'd be a little wary about the spiders!

Glad to see you back in 12 of 12 Tony :D

wunderschoenbunt said...

i´m so jealous that you live near the beach, i love the sea. and it is so great to see pictures without snow. the winter here in germany is so long this year.
enjoy your new home!


RDOwens said...

I love the spider shot. Nice! Thanks for sharing.

Bec said...

Love the close-ups...and the beach!

Lucrecia Bloggia said...

Your pictures are awesome!!

To me, in Canada, you seem to live in a botanical garden near the beach! I'm jealous! ;¬)

In your mystery picture I see heads of frogs? turtles? lezards? underneath... some plastic food wrap?
I know it dosn't make sense, but this is what I see!

Ur-spo said...

I am sorry, I am late to the party!
I was pleased as punch to see you posting; your photos are lovely (although I don't care for spiders!)

lovesmukiwa said...

I LOVE frangipani but now I live in Canada and they are not native to my location! I could smell it just looking at your photo! Thanks :)