2 August 2010


Wow, two in one day. I also wanted to share this little tidbit for those who don't follow my comings and goings on Facebook. I posted this little gem earlier. Read on...

I HATE Internet Service Providers!!! I HATE the whole down/upload limits crap. I HATE "If you exceed your monthly down/upload limit, we will have to drop your speed down to EFFING Prehistoric EFFING squirrel on a rotating wheel powered connection speeds." My PC is trying it's best to compensate for CRAPPY ISP but there's only so much it can do, which really is nothing.

In reality the ISP has you by the short and curlys. You can't win when you have the best plan the ISP has to offer. You can't change to a bigger and better plan as there is nothing bigger and better. But, if you sign up to get your home phone your broadband service and a new 2 year contract you can get three times the amount of up/down load limit. What the EFF is that about? I don't think so!

We pay through the nose for crap service and the best they can reply is "We have such a high demand for our service and we only have so many severs to accommodate the demand. Well buy some more EFFING servers! You surely can afford with what you charge us/ME!

Whew, I feel better. I know nothing will change but I still feel a lot better. Okay, not a lot better but better. Oh hell, who am I kidding I could rant like this for weeks and not get any where At the end of the day I went over my limit and now I'm stuck with squirrel power until the 4th of August. Nothing can do about it. Somebody just shoot me!!!

(PS I don't know why this post looks so different from the rest, in reference to font size and possible colour on some of your PC's but at least I posted it. Enjoy...) I'm trying to fix it but it will be what it will be



here in quebec, they don't put us in the slow lane, but they charge exhorbitant rates anytime you exceed your limit. i sent them an email about last month's bill as theyt charged me $50 for a mere 1400megs extra... they haven't replied to that email yet. perhaps it was my choice of words they didn't appreciate. but i did upgrade my account, going from high speed to super high speed. that should cover my excesses, and it'll cost me only $3 more a month... so, an extra $36 annually, instead of $50 here and there.

but they're in the best position as it is almost a monopole, not enough players to make it a competitive market. though, with my provider, there are no longer contracts. they say it in their advertisement: you stay as long as you want. may your provider evolve in the same direction.

Ur-spo said...

Amen to all of that !