5 February 2007

Meme after meme after meme...

I know some people hate these things but I just love filling them out. After I fill them out I read over what my answers are and sometimes find it interesting a to what I've said. I never change an answer. So as long as people keep writing them I'll keep (stealing) and answering them.

1. Home theatre or movie theatre? Home, it's easier to pause the movie to go to the bathroom
2. Hardwood or wall-to-wall? Hardwood in every room but the bedroom only because the floors are to cold in the winter
3. Pencil or ballpoint pen? Pen because it glides easier
4. Digital or analog? Digital, sharp is as sharp does
5. “Wet” or dry? It really all depends...my guess would be "wet"...but again depends on what we're talking about
6. Hardback or paperback? Either a book is a book and I like 'em
7. Gasoline or electric? I'd prefer to walk
8. Photograph or painting? Painting because there is more depth, unless it's B/W photography
9. Mountains or shore? I need a bit of both, that's why we live where we live (Hobart)
10. Curtains or blinds? Curtains because our house is over 115 years old and blinds would look stupid.
11. Shower or spa tub? Shower I don't like the thought of sitting in dirty water
12. Blu-ray or HD DVD? HD DVD because I don't even know what Blu-ray is...
13. Paint or wallpaper? Paint again it works with the age of our house and it's so much easier to apply!
14. Thoroughly cleaned and prepped or go with the moment? Depends on what I'm about to do I can go either way real easy.
15 “Ties” or “loafers” (slip-ons)? Slip-ons because I have so much trouble with my peripheral neuropathy
16. Stick shift or automatic? Stick because I feel more in control, not that I have control issues
17. Saturday or Sunday? Both, please...
18. 15% or 18%? Neither as we don't generally tip here in Australia considering that wait staff make like $10.00 or more an hour to start
19. Football or soccer? Australian Football League, fast paced and it's all about the players
20. Lands End or L. L. Bean? Again Neither as we don't have them in Australia but we do have Rodd & Gunn

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Dirk Mancuso said...

Memes are such easy posts (some might call them a cheat, but not me) but I never get tired of reading them or answering them.