7 March 2007

Busy as usual...

You know when I retired I was supposed to relax, well it seems now I have more things to do than I know what to do with and they just keep coming. Anyway, this is my feeble attempt at telling you why I haven't been posting lately but it is true, I am doing all sorts of things right now that keep me from posting. Lets see:

  1. Refinishing two bifold doors to go between the lounge room (It's what we call the living room in Australia) and the kitchen. The doors were in the shed when we bought the house and we have talked about fixing them and putting them back up for two years but I/we never had time to focus on this so now I/we do. I'll take a picture of the finished product.
  2. I have been baking up a storm. I know this is a choice but we have guests right now and besides everyone loves my cakes and pies. Recently creations have included dutch apple pie, peanut putter pie and just yesterday a carrot cake. I realize that this is not a necessary chore but it has kept me busy none the less.
  3. We went to Cradle Mountain last weekend and once again walked around the mountain but not as far as we did last time when James almost met an untimely demise. This also is a choice not a chore but it did keep me away from the computer.
Okay, the list isn't that long but it's all I've got so as I said it's my excuse, feeble and all. Anyway, I've got doors to varnish so shellac you later. (Hee hee... I'm trying to be funny, talk about feeble)

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Cinde said...

It's your fault I love cheesecake now, you know... Your homemade peanut butter chocolate cheesecake was the first cheesecake I ever liked and you got me hooked. I'd kill for a piece of it right now! No one makes it like you do. *pout*