4 June 2007

What's in a name

I did this what does your name mean thing, that I've been seeing on a few other blogs, and I got two really different views. First I got this using my full name:

What Anthony Means

A is for Alluring

N is for Naughty

T is for Tempting

H is for Honest

O is for Old

N is for Normal

Y is for Young

...and then I got this using the name most people call me:

What Tony Means

T is for Terrific

O is for Old

N is for Natural

Y is for Young

What I find strange is that both said I was "Old". I won't deny that I'll be 50 this year (OMG!!!) but I sure as hell don't feel old. Anyway what really makes me wonder is that the "N" stands for three totally different things. First lets look at "Natural" and "Normal", all I can say is I try to be both. Secondly, we have "Naughty". Well all I'm going to say is "No Comment" and will definitely plead the fifth on that one :)

1 comment:

Lewis said...

"No comment" and pleading the fifth? You'd be a good politician.