20 September 2007

One year passes in the blink of an eye

It is surprising how fast a year can pass. Seems like only yesterday that my mum called and told me my dad had passed away. It is one year ago today that I lost my father and there hasn't been a day since that I have not thought about him. My dad was not my biological father. My biological father passed away 20+ years ago. I called the man that passed away last year "dad" because that is what he was to me. He was the man that raised me. I had lived with that man and my mother since my parents divorced when I was ten. He was the man that gave me the values that I carry with me on a daily basis. He is that man that believed in me. He was the man that struggled with my coming out, but over time became one of my biggest supporters, if not the biggest. That man was proud to call me his son and I will forever be proud to call him dad.

I love you dad and I miss you but I know that you would want me to keep living my life to the fullest because it's the right thing to do and that's what I try to do not only for myself but now even more so I do it a little bit just for you.


Steve said...

Awwwww, I'm sorry :(

Ur-spo said...

that was a lovely tribute; he was a fortunate man to have had you as a son.

Nathan said...

What a beautiful way to celebrate your Dad's life, and the pride he taught you to have. I think you are a wonderful person, and in that sense, a reflection of your Dad (and Mom too, I don't want to leave her out).

I am sure you are sad, as anniversaries of this kind can be a painful reminder. I'm sending you a hug buddy.

Red7Eric said...

(((Big hug)))

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know (clearly), but gosh, as sad as this is, you two were so lucky to have each other. Wow.

Sorted Lives said...

Thanks for sharing. Many step fathers get a bad wrap. Glad he was a dad to you!