20 June 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to Sydney we go...

Well, we're off to Sydney for a few days. I have two doctors appointments on Monday as well as another MRI scheduled of my lower back to see if the problems with my lower back got any worse since I was in hospital a few months ago. If it is worse than we will start a course of steroids to hopefully reduce some of the swelling on the two disc in question. If that doesn't work then I have two options steroid injections or surgery. I have no plans to have the injections because they are way to painful and basically I'm not a big one on pain. I'm sure it will all be just fine.

The other thing the doctor will want to know is how I'm doing since we increased one of my medication a month ago. All I can tell him is that I fall asleep a lot more often and especially whenever I'm stationary for more than ten minutes or sometimes even in mid conversation. I actually fell asleep the other night for an hour sitting on the toilet. Good thing I didn't fall off and hit my head on the bathtub. On top of that I never did what I went in there to do.

They other strange thing is I have these little like mini sleeps where I'm asleep but not asleep and I have these kind of little dreams. When I start to wake up I start to act upon the dream as if it was real. It's hard to explain but extremely freaky. Anyway, I'll ask the doctor about it. We've decide that it was really a good idea that I gave up driving. You can only imagine

The rest of our time in Sydney will be spent with James' parents so that James gets to spend some more time with his mum. I think it's really important as we don' know how long she will be able to fight this cancer. The doctors said 6-12 months. We are all hoping for 12 and maybe more who knows others have down it.

Okay, I best go finish packing. James is at work. He will be exhausted after doing 4 shifts in a row and it's been a busy three days so far in the Emergency Room. Maybe tonight they will get a break. At least James is on triage so he gets to sit down for a little bit in between patients.

I'll let you know when we get back and who knows I may even have some pictures to share as I'm taking the camera with me. Until then you take care and just Enjoy...


Lewis said...

I send my good greetings for health and happiness. I had my lower back MRI a year ago....and it was funny because they found more trouble in my neck than my back! Take good care.

Ur-spo said...

good luck with that all in Syndey
I would love to see that town some day.

jps246 said...

Good Luck