4 June 2008

You tell me what to write...

So here's the deal as usual I'm having a huge dose of writers block so I've decide to turn to you my loyal reader, fans, friends, buddies and yes even those of you that occasionally pass this way by accident to tell me what to write about. What do you want to know? For example, would you like to hear about my coming out, my first gay date, or what it was like growing up going to catholic school with old bitter nuns. Maybe you'd like to hear all about the time I had sex in the parking lot (no never mind I forgot my mom reads this too. Sorry mom believe me that sex thing in the pool never happened. Really never, not even once.)

Let's see what else might you want to know. You could maybe ask me about how I met my current husband and ended up here in the land down under, although that could be a really long story that would have to be broken up into several post or I would have to leave out a lot of the juicer parts. Maybe you'd like hear me rant and rave on about what it's been and has been being a jaded cynical old man living with HIV for 22 years (no that one's even to depressing for me).
Alternatively you might have a list of odd lot questions you'd like to ask. I'll take those.

Anyway you get the idea. You ask what you want or tell me what/you want and I in return will attempt to give you a nice readable post full of witty prose, edge of your seat stories that will have you asking how did he ever mange his way out of that, or at worst you'll get the answers to a list of things you never knew about me nor ever wanted to know but will have to read anyway because someone else wanted to know and I promised to answer.

Put on your thinking caps or just steal one of the examples I gave earlier and ask away. As I said I'm open for any suggestions, except for the sex in pool
thing. You can ask me anything you want. You can leave your suggestions or questions in the comment box or if the question list is too long or if you wish to remain anonymous you can always send me your suggestions via email me at agardner@ozemail.com.au. I'm waiting....

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Ur-spo said...

what are your dreams? what are you longing for?


how did you get to Australia?


what about that pool?