9 June 2008

I'm still waiting...

...or maybe I'm not. Maybe there's not enough of you out there that want to leave me a suggestion/comment as to what I might write on my blog. I guess that speaks volumes. Maybe I'm just being a big baby and throwing a tantrum because no one wants to play with me. Well except for that one guy and maybe he should distance himself as he wouldn't want to be known as the guy that played with the kid no one else wants to play with because he doesn't fit in. Don't get me wrong this is not a pity party even if it sounds like one, believe me I learned to play with myself a long time ago. (HaHa I made a funny)

Maybe I shouldn't have expected anymore of a response than what I got and it was my fault for expecting/assume that people would respond. Maybe as I said before in an earlier post I am just a bitter, angry, jaded old man that was trying to be part of this whole blogging thing. Maybe I'm just not cool enough. I've never posted any pictures of hot, lean, ripped, half naked men with sweat pouring off them in all the right places. I don't talk about all the kinky sex or dates I've had in the past few weeks/days. At the same time I don't tear into the current administration in control of the USofA. Although mind you I have plenty to say but to be honest it's all been said before by so many other bloggers all saying the same things so who needs one more blogger to rehash the same old news. Maybe I'm just not a good enough writer to come up with witty repartee and double entendres to fill a few paragraphs.

To be honest with you I don't know what I'm waiting for, and I probably never will. As I said I could start showing half naked pictures pictures, begin writing huge rants on Bush Jr. trash Madonnas latest CD or even write up some of my sexual escapades (believe me you don't want to know as they are way to vanilla) and really it's all been done before. So why bother? I might as well just keep putting out my plain nondescript stuff about everyday life, as boring as it may seem to many but in reality it's what most of life is about. At the end of the day I write about what is happening in my life and if that's boring to you, then I can't help you. But don't say I never gave you the chance to have me write something else .


Lewis said...

I must be honest when I say that people really get into blogs because they speak volumes about the writer. YOU! Not what we think you should be talking about...but exactly what you want to be talking about. And, believe me, there are dry spells where motivation seems to be waning. But, we just exist right on through them.

Ur-spo said...

remember always, blogging is first and foremost a place for you to express yourself and what you want to do.
Screw everyone else; if they come they do, if they don't well that is their loss.
Always write from the heart, and your Self will attract others.

I read you because I like what you write.

Thomas said...

EXACTLY!! The men above said it before. Write what you want to tell, what inspires you, what makes you happy, angry, sad, laugh. So far that's One UK guy and 2 USA guys. Tell us about what you know about Australia. Bring it on!

CJ said...

Ahhh no one wants to play with the guy with a beautiful smile. Ahhh
Hey I've been playing with myself for years. First, on my knees over an out stretched towel going for distance now I wake up with my shorts under my jewels never even finishing the job.
Well I would like to see more pics and not of naked men(necessarily)but of your daily life and routine. For instance, where you shop, eat,walk, your street, etc. But that's just me. Do as you please TJ. I'll be here sooner or later.

voenixrising said...

To be honest, I don't read your (or may other) blogs every day, but I would be verklempt if I dropped by one day and you weren't here.

Remember that a blog is where you express yourself. To paraphrase a line from Rocky Horror, "I didn't make it for YOU."

Keep on blogging. Write about whatever strikes your fancy, whether its profound or silly. Lord knows I have! :)