5 September 2008

Send in the clowns...

It's time to lighten things up around here. The last few posts have been a bit of a dippity downer so let's see if we can find little Miss Sunshine somewhere around here and let's see if we can spread a little of that sunshine around. I'm not sure how good I'll do at spreading the happy vibes if I can't find Little Miss S. to help me do such but I'll try. So here we go, something tells me this is going to be a long post full of random, and probably boring items of conversation but try to stay with me and I'll try to make it as painless as possible. Then again maybe I won't and maybe I'm making you suffer on purpose but that of course assumes you're willing to play along and that you will actually read the whole post. We may never know.

So, spring has definitely sprung here in Tassie and I must say this is a good thing. I've been cutting jonquils in all sorts of varieties to bring into the house. We have all different types. We have ones that are all white and then there are the ones that are yellow and yellow, yellow with white, yellow and orange, you get the picture. Now if you aren't getting a visual there will be pictures however they are coming in the next post so check back after this post to get said visuals. We don't have a lot of daffodils yet in fact there are only two so far and I hate to take them out of the garden so there they will stay. The large rhododendron in the back yard is in full swing and it is as beautiful as ever (pictures once again to follow). All of the rose bushes have new growth on them and I can't wait for their first blooms. We have grape hyacinths everywhere. I guess over the years different owners planted different gardens and over time bulbs have been left and not moved so we have these cute little plants showing up in odd places like in the middle of our lawn. It doesn't matter as I said they're cute and anything that wants to bloom will not be stopped by me.

We still have a little snow on the mountain but that's okay as it always looks nice up there. In fact I wouldn't mind if there was a bit of snow up there all year long. It would make the mountain look all that much better. I know the tourist would love it and tourist season is just around the corner. We have something like 50+ cruise ships that stop here each summer. They are usually part of a Australia, New Zealand circuit that runs all summer. The ships cross the Pacific as winter engulfs the northern hemisphere and they stay here until late February, March. It's great for tourism but after a while we start hating all of the extra people that invade the island. By the time March arrives all we want is for everyone that doesn't live here to please remove yourself.

Hubby is doing well. He has started his new semester at school. I'm really proud of him. It takes a lot of determination and drive to stay focused on his studies. It's tough for him because while he is studying he also has to deal with work, handle my emotional breakdowns and also make huge amounts of time for his mum during her time of need. My hubby is a real special person and I am a lucky man to have him.

Speaking of school, it seems that after my little meltdown the other night I have decided to try to focus on something new and different. I have contacted one of the local universities to enquire about enrolling in their distance education programs. I have decide that in light of my mental overload I might as well stretch myself to the max and I should go back to school. On a serious note I really think, that by starting back to school I will have a focus and I will also gain some of the challenge and feedback that I need to feel, as in a sense of accomplishment. I am thinking that I will be starting down the path of an Arts degree, exactly in what vein I'm not sure but one step at a time, one step at a time. Hubby supports me 100%.

Have I told you that the cat is still behaving him/her/it self. She/he/it has been mellow ever since we gave she/he/it the hormone shots. Now just recently she/he/it has been following a new pattern and I think that she/he/it is actually learning by command. She/he/it comes in for dinner each night around 4-5. I don't want she/he/it to go outside after dinner because she might get into a fight with other nighttime cats or even worse she could get meet up with the possum and that would be a disaster. So I don't let she/he/it out. The problem with that is that if I don't let her out she then expects me to allow her to sit in my lap and if I don't let her up on my lap she follows me incessantly and squeals until I finally relent and allow her to get into my lap. I have begun to telling him/her/it no, point to the bedroom and say "Go to bed". Well would you believe it she/he/it is starting to do exactly that. At first I thought it was a fluke but now she/he it is doing it every time. I know that it is probably just a rote behaviour for him/her/it but it's still kind of fun to watch him/her/it as she/he/it toddles down the hall into the bedroom and up onto the bed to curl up and go to sleep for the rest of the night.

My back is healing I suppose as well as to be expected. I can't verify that as I can't actually see it. It feels like all is well and I have to believe that because I/we can't afford nor do I care to spend any more time in hospital. I feel okay so that's good enough. I'm still stiff and there is a bit of swelling but hubby, being the trained professional that he is, has a look at the wound every morning and in his expert opinion he feels that all looks well. I will see my GP next week and I'll see what he has to add to the conversation but overall I think all is well.

Well, I said this would all be a bit of boring ramble but it's all I've got. I never will be one of these brilliantly, funny, and imaginative bloggers who can make a turd funny and/or beautiful (and there are many of you) because we all know that takes talent of which I am not so gifted. I think I'll leave that witty job to the pros and I'll stick to what I know and can handle which is plain and boring. It works for me so until next time Enjoy...


Moys said...

Sweetie, I told you right at the start to call "her "Hermy"!! It would save so much trouble, everyone would know her "status". and it means you won't have to type she/he/it all the time (which by the way is tiring my brain as I have to read each word sepately. "Hermy"...ok? Alright, already!
P.S. Glad things are settling down for both of you. Enjoy Spring!
Luv ya

Ur-spo said...

it was good to hear you more upbeat, and that some things are going well.
I still think the cat is plotting and up to no good.

Joseph said...

It was definitely encouraging to read that you are doing better. I hope that you continue to improve each day. Your husband is indeed a special guy; I think you are both lucky to have each other!