16 November 2008

You're never going to believe it...

...I'm actually going to write a post with some substance. Well I hope it will have substance. Of course that will require me to think and to be fair it is Monday morning and no one should be required to think this early in the morning. I'll see what I can do. I think the best thing for me to do is go with a randoms thoughts post, that way I can go in and out of consciousness and still make it look like I'm saying something of interest. Let's see what happens.

My back is healing up very nicely or so I've been told as I am unable to see it. I will have to say that it feels pretty good. I have not found one of those lumps like I had the other two times which is a good sign. So unless there is something happening on the inside I have to believe that all is well and I'll leave well enough alone. I will see the neurologist in December and try to find out if all of this has bee worth it.

I'm happy to see that the election is over in the states. I think that it was and is time for a change in the US and hopefully Mr. Obama will be able to deliver that change. I think people are going to have to be fair to him and not expect great things within the first few days or even months after he actually becomes the man in charge. It will take some time to untangle the problems created over the past eight years. I watched the same thing happen here in Australia. The new Prime Minister (Kevin Rudd) had not been in office more than 100 days when the politicians from the other party (aka the ones that lost) started harassing him and his party for not doing certain things that he had promised to do. I have to say that it's a bit unfair and in some cases highly unrealistic for these men to come in and expect him to fix another persons mess especially if that mess has been going on for a matter of years. The problems facing President-elect Obama will not be unlike those of Kevin Rudd albeit they will be more related to US concerns except for issues of global concern like the war in Iraq. and the economic crisis. As I said hopefully there will be a change and it will be for the better for all concerned. We will have to wait and see. As they say all good things come to those that wait.

Summer is almost upon us here in the land down under and with summer comes the tourist. Most of the year it is fairly quiet in our neck of the woods. We can usually walk in to any restaurant and get a table for breakfast/dinner with no waiting. However, when the tourist come, and they will, life here becomes a little bit unbearable. Tasmania is a tourist destination all year long I think most of the people that come here just want to know if there really is such a place and not just some place made up in a cartoon. As I said the island is visited through out the year but summer brings the majority of people. Tasmania saw 812,200 people arrive on our shores in the year ending March 2007 and of those 83,000 arrived by cruise ships which all dock at Hobart. The cruise liners only come during the summer season so from December until sometime in March those other 83,000 people invade our space on every level from grocery stores, everyday stores (clothing, books, electronics) and last but not least the aforementioned restaurants. The bulk of the other 729,200 that arrive through out the year all land at Hobart airport and they stay their first few days in Hobart. The majority of that group also come in summer. Winter is the slow season here and most of the people that come at that time are interested in seeing some wilderness and snow in the mountain areas other than that it can be pretty quiet around here. So really that leaves the majority of tourist visiting in the spring and summer. T
ourism is great for the Tasmanian seeing that last year tourist brought in an estimated 1.3 billion dollars into the economy but it still makes life difficult for the locals. Anyway I'm sorry about that, here I've been rabbiting on about tourist and sounding like an advertisement for Tourism Tasmania and I don't know why. All I know is that pretty soon we will be eating most if not all of our meals from home or getting takeaway just so we don't have to fight the crowds all of whom are trying to eat and enjoy some of the great food available here in Tasmania. there I go again sounding like an advert. Hmmm, maybe there's a job available with the tourism board?

Did I mention that I'm going back to school. As the say it's never to late to learn so I thought I'd give that old saying a try. Yes it's true, this coming February I will start a distance course through Charles Stuart University. I will be studying for a Bachelor of Arts with a major in sociology focusing on research. Several years ago I did a short course in Quantitative Research. I really got into the whole thing. It will be interesting starting back at school. I will have to clear my fuzzy little head to be able to start putting my thoughts on paper (or Microsoft word for Mac). I think it will be a challenge and that's what I want. I'm only going to do one subject the first semester so I can ease myself back into a school study habit/thinking/writing mode. The first subject is the only required subject and then after that it will all be electives focusing on the sociology/research aspects. All I can do is try. It will definitely be an experience and who knows maybe even a little fun.

Moving on, so It's coming around to that time of the year and you all know what I'm talking about, that's right I'm talking about Christmas. It's going to be a rather sedate Christmas this year around our house. I'll put up the tree sometime at the end of this month but I've decide to only decorate it with coloured lights and coloured ornaments. I won't be putting any of the quirky fun ornaments I've collected over the years. I don't know why I've decided to do it this way. At the end of the day who knows I my change my mind. It all depends on how it looks. Hubby has to work on Christmas night. However we will be popping up to Sydney for a few days (4) so hubby can spend time with his mum. It's important for him to do this as he always worries that because of his mums cancer this could be her last Christmas. We keep hope alive that this will not be the case. It will also be light in the gift giving department since we spent all of our savings on my back. We'll be buying for hubby's niece and nephew but that's about it. Saying all that we will still try to make it a nice time for all concerned.

Okay well that's enough rambling from this head. I bet you wished I'd done another meme or gone back to flower pictures. Anywaay, I never promised you that what I wrote would be of any interest or for that matter any good. So you get what there is and that's all there will be. Until next time take care and stay well...


Ur-spo said...

substance indeed!
it was quite meaty.
I will need to reread it a few times to get all the bits.

Anonymous said...

Newsy! Happy to hear your back is doing so well, and of your upcoming educational pursuits. Congrats!