31 January 2009

I feel so bad...

...not physically but emotionally. You see, even though I know that this is my blog and I can write or not write what ever I damn well please (see I wrote damn) but I just sometimes feel bad when I haven't posted something for several days. I know I, along with countless others, have written about this before. Also as I've said before I know that there are so many of you out there waiting on the edge of your seat, day in day out, hour by hour, minute by well you get the idea. I just know how you can't wait for the next post and that when I've made you wait for so long many of you probably even forgo food and water for fear that you'll miss the next post while you are out looking for said nourishment. Well I just feel bad about it all and sometimes I feel so bad that it even flows in to the realm of guilt but not for too long I am after all realistic and know that I could never be that important nor would I want to be (okay maybe a little important wouldn't hurt).

All kidding aside I think I just feel that there are a few of you that have become friends in a far off distant kind of way, or you have become friends at least in my mind. Maybe that's the problem. Maybe I just think you're my friends and that in reality I've made the whole thing up. Well if that be the case then I must ask you to leave and stop reading this immediately as I have stopped the delusion in my mind that you are my friend. On the other hand if you really are my friend then then I shall continue to type and you may continue reading.

Unfortunately there's not much to type about around here. I continue to look for a job. I have officially applied for nine jobs and I have already been sent a "Thanks but No thanks" letter from two of them. It's tough out there and it's not going to get any better for a while I'm afraid. All I can do is keep moving in a forward direction and as hubby has said "The right job will come along in due course." I know he is right but I hate the whole job seeking process, next up will be the interview, well that is if I don't keep getting the no thanks letters. I'll get there sooner or later

One nice thing happened as of recent. I recently found out that I would be getting my Diploma in Community Education after a long drawn out process. It's too difficult to explain but never the less I'm finely getting the diploma. Here in the land down under we name things differently, well that is different from the US. Of course you could look at it another way and say that it is the US that name things different. Anyway, I digress. About this diploma it is like a certification, well it is a certification and what it means is that I have the training/knowledge of what is needed to be a community educator including the development of resources, presentations, programs etc as well as the ability to help a community build upon itself. It's not that big of a deal but it looks really good on my resume.

The other big news is that while those of you in the northern hemisphere, more specifically the US have been inundated with snow and ice and everything that goes with it, we have been having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave. We're having a heat wave a tropical heat wave. You see I'm overcome with the heat I'm repeating myself. I'll try to focus. So yes ,it's been extremely hot for the past three days and with that comes the added danger of bush fires. We've been lucky here in Tasmania it hasn't been as hot as it has in other parts of the country where they have had 45C plus (113 F) for the past several days. It's suppose to break in the next day or so and for the people near the fires I hope so for their sakes. I know it is summer here but no one likes it that hot, well okay there may be a few of you that do and to you I say enjoy

And that my friends is it for now. We are going to some friends house tonight for dinner and a sleep over. The live in the country which here in Tasmania is only ten minutes from our house. They are dear friends and we love spending time at their place. the live on 25 acres however they recently had two tiger snacks near the house and I told them that if I'm coming down they will have to fix that. I HATE snakes. They told me they would do everything they could but could not promise. As if. Okay I'm out of here, hopefully I'll be back sooner that last time. I hope all is well in your end of the would Take care and enjoy...


Ur-spo said...

You are being silly
Of course we are friends
You needn't feel guilty about posting
You write what you damn well please and when
Just don't pick your nose
And keep cool !

Nathan said...

A blog stops being a blog when it feels like a chore. You shouldn't feel bad when you don't write.

Maybe you should do more on Facebook. Lately I've been keeping up with friends there more than on blogs. Writing a post can be overwhelming, so posting short updates in your status is easier and feels like there is less pressure :)

Good luck with the job search. It can be hard to find the right opportunity, but it will come. It always does.

Hugs and kisses from the icy U.S.!

tornwordo said...

That 45C sounds pretty nice at the moment as I look outside at the frozen world.

Frank B said...

Here's wishing you a cool breeze.

I read several blogs. They don't all post regularly. One that I love took a couple of months off. I was just happy to have him back.

Friends don't let friends blog bored.