7 February 2009

Complete and utter randomness...

Today, because it's raining outside and I'm tired and I will probably crawl back to bed after I type this, all you're going to get are a bunch of complete and utter random thoughts. So here goes. I've applied for thirteen jobs so far I've only gotten two rejection notices. My worst nightmare is that the other twelve will all want to interview me and it will be for the same day or on the other hand they could all turn me down like the first two. We shall see. There are a lot of jobs that I could apply for but don't simply because I know it's not the right thing to do. What I mean is I could apply for a job at a fast food outlet but I won't. It's not that the job is beneath me but realistically I know as does the employer that I will never stay in the position. There is no incentive for me and I would get bored, hence leaving a month later. It's not fair to the employer or me.

All the kids in the neighborhood go back to school on Monday and I couldn't be happier. I think they should have to go to school year round and only get time off for good behaviour. Now that sounds like a mean old man talking and you're right. All summer long their running around yelling and squealing. They climb to top of the back fence to play peek-a-boo. They're lucky I've given up nude sunbathing. I'm just sayin'. All summer whenever we've tried to go out and do something like catch lunch somewhere or tried to go shopping they are every where running and screaming and they worst part is that their parents are completely oblivious to this behaviour. Maybe it's the parents I should take a stick to???

Since the kids are going back to school that of course means autumn is right around the corner. Boy the time sure does fly rather you're having fun or not. I heard that as you get older time seems to go by faster and that really does seem to be the case. In reality I think that when we are younger we are just oblivious to the notion of time and are concentrated on having fun and enjoying life. Where as when we get older we are very conscious of the time and now that we live in the real world and not that of a child, life is not all fun and games so time is suddenly an enemy. It's an enemy because we are getting older and those birthdays seem to come around faster each year and we don't have enough time to have fun anymore because we are working so hard to keep ourselves afloat with the car, house, and food bills. When we do get some time off we either can't afford to go somewhere to get away and relax or if we do we worry about the fact that we have to go back to work at the end of seven days and how we are going to pay for this holiday that I've put on my already maxed out credit card. Not to mention that we're older and time is flying and, well you understand.

I will miss summer. I hate the heat but if the summer can be mild and the temperatures can stay like in the 21-24C range (70-75F for all of you over there in USA land) then it wouldn't be so bad. I love all of the flowers that summer brings and now living in a temperate climate the flowers just bloom like madness. I also love having the windows open and letting a nice breeze run through the house. I love being able to hang the clothes outside to dry in the sunlight and air. There's nothing nicer than the smell that your clothes get from being dried outside in the summner breeze. It's not that I can't also dry them outside when winter comes it just takes longer. You know summer 2-3 hours winter 2-3 days.

Autumn officially arrives here in the land down under at the end of the month. I know it's not official according to all of the calendars but I think it just work out easier for Aussies instead of starting and stopping a season in the middle of the month or to be more exact three quarters of the way through a month. I mean it makes sense to me and it's a lot easier to remember. Now some of you might argue that it's very easy to remember (I'm going to use Northern hemishpere examples here) that winter starts December 21 and springs starts March 21st. I bet if you asked most people when does winter begin. I bet a lot of them would say December 1st. As well ask them when summer begins they would say June 1st and so on. I think mainly it has to do with markers, like in Autumn most people think that Autumn starts over Labour Day weekend, hence September 1 and not the 22nd of September. Kids are going back to school and Labour Day is here so is must be the beginning of Autumn. Well here, I think Aussies just simplified it and made the beginning of each season the beginning of a month so Autumn starts March 1, Winter on June 1 Spring September 1 and Summer on December 1. Now isn't that just easier to remember? Well I think so.

Last but not least not only does fall official start here in 22 days but March 1st will also be important for a very a special reason. What may you ask will that reason be? Well, I'm not going to tell you. Unless you already know then it doesn't matter, but just don't tell anyone else and make them wait until I tell them. In a way it's like you have a secret too

I'm outta' here so take care, stay well and as each day goes by try to take just a little time to Enjoy the day. (bet you thought I was going to say to Enjoy the View, As if)

p.s. if you see any typos please feel free to correct them yourselves. Thank you...


Ur-spo said...

It still makes me eyes cross to consider seasons in such antipodes. It must be very strange to an emigrant to see the summer months now winter time and vice versa.

Brad said...

Like you, I get depressed in autumn, just knowing that the winter awaits me. Of course, the spring is coming here and have I ever told you? Memphis can rival any city with its beauty in the springtime. Dogwoods, azaleas, daffodils, roses, bradford pears and many, many other bloomages. It's truly a sight to behold.