23 February 2009

Anyone for some random thoughts?

Well another week has passed and it seems that once again the best I can come up with are some random thoughts. However, it seems that you get more out me with the weekly random thoughts than you would if I posted daily. Anyway, lets move on.

I put a few pictures up on Flickr if anyone is interested. One set is all of the pictures I took from our friends wedding which you can see here. The other set is a few pictures I found that I took a few years ago and I thought I would share them. They can be found here. Enjoy...

I continue to look for employment. I received two more "thanks but no thanks" letters. So far it's not looking very encouraging, out of 26 jobs applied for, I have been turned down by 5 of them I'm still waiting to hear something from the others other than "thank you for your application we will get back to you shortly". We will be patient and persevere but it's not easy.

This is the last week of summer and based on the temperatures it looks like it is going out with a bang. We are going to have a few really warm days and some thunderstorms. Summer has been basically pretty mild this year until this last month and mother nature finally turned up the heat most of the month.

As mentioned last time, hubby has been working in the yard. He planted some new grass seed in an area that gets very little sunlight in the winter and as such moss actually grows where the lawn should be so in the summer most of that area is pretty crap. So hubby dug up the top layer and replaced it with new soil, tossed out some grass seed and we now have a wonderful new patch of lawn. In saying that now because that new patch looks so great hubby says he will need to do the rest of the lawn but like this last section he will do it in stages.

I might have mentioned that we are going to Sydney next month (March) so I can see my neurologist for a 3 month review of the progress made on getting the feeling back in my legs. I think that it will be another bit of improvement over last time except we have a new problem. It seems that the neuropathy in my feet has decided to rear it's ugly little head. I don't know if getting the feelings back into my legs has created this problem or not. I'm wondering that if I'm getting the feeling back in my legs, that because the nerve paths are waking up, is it a new way for the damaged nerves to send out the incorrect messages using the re-awakened nerve pathways in my legs? All I know is that they started hurting about 2 weeks ago. I thought maybe it was just a bad day but it has turned out to be 14 bad days in a row so something is happening. We'll just have to wait and see what the doctor has to say.

The bushfire continue to burn in Victoria. Such a tragedy so many innocent lives and they continue to add to the death toll I hope it stops soon...

On a happier note I'm sure that I've talked about the great food we have here in Tasmania. The fresh fruits and vegetables are some of the best in the world and I'm not just saying that because I live here but apparently it's the truth. December and through to late February is cherry season and the cherries grown here are so plump, dark and sweet. I can't stop eating them. I have been eating them every day now since like the middle of December. They are finally starting to dwindle in their taste, plumpness and overall quality as their growing season comes to an end but not to fear the ever so lovely blueberries have started to come into season. Berries in general seem to grow well here. I think it's the temperate climate that helps, that and the fresh air and clean water. We get fantastic blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries which a lot of the blackberries are just growing wild as opposed to the others being farmed. You can see people on the sides of the roads collecting wild blackberries. Anyway I've switched to blueberries and now they are my daily treat.

Well on that sweet note I think I've rambled on enough and besides my random brain has called it a day. Well actually just the morning but as far as the post is concerned I'm all out of things to say. So, I'm done until next time take care and I'll see you next week unless something really exciting happens in between and if it does you'll be the second ones to hear about it, right after hubby. See ya....

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Ur-spo said...

I am sad to hear your pain is acting up. I wish there was some relief for you.