14 February 2009

Random thoughts again....

It seems that posting random thoughts is the best I can do at the moment but at least it's a post. So here goes...

First and foremost Happy Valentines to my Hubby. I'm so glad I found you. You are my rock. I can't imagine my life without you and I know that our future together is solid. So in front of all that read this let them know that "I Love You and always will."

On a more serious note. Well not that my love for my hubby isn't serious because believe me it is dead serious but on another serious topic. I am heartbroken about the bushfire's on the mainland that have devastated the state of Victoria. The loss of so many innocent people. So many others who have lost their homes and everything that made up there lives. The loss of native animals as well as domestic. It's all so very sad. We have all been affected by this disaster and hope that soon it will end.

Job hunting continues and it is extremely frustrating. I keep applying but as of yet no interviews. As I might have mentioned before out of all the applications I've submitted I've only been turned down by two which leaves like twenty plus that have not said no but they also haven't said yes so there is still hope.

Hubby has been busy in the garden lately. I think he is trying to do two things. One he wants to get things done out there before his school starts again which will be Monday after next. Two I think he is doing a number of things getting the garden ready for autumn/winter. He likes his gardening as do I it's very relaxing and at the same time very rewarding.

A very dear and old friend recently visited. She has known hubby since forever. It was her first visit to our home since we moved to Tasmania. I, as did hubby, really enjoyed her short but sweet visit.

Hubby is going up to Sydney on Tuesday to see his parents. His mum is having a hard time with her chemo and the resulting loss of her hair so he thought he might be able to cheer her up. Mom if you are reading this and I know that you do. You know that if it was as easy as a two hour plane trip I would be doing the same for you but unfortunately it's a 20+ hour plane trip to come to see you so it's not that simple but it will happen. We just have to make sure that when it does we make the best of it.

I go up to Sydney in March to check in with the neurologist to see how the nerves in my legs are progressing since the back "surgeries". I think that they will be better than last time although there are still a few problems but as the doctor said last time it will take several months before we know the total impact of the surgeries.

Well that's it from me for now so I'll leave it at that. I hope that you get to share Valentines day with the one you love and even if you are single than be kind and love yourself. Take care and enjoy the day.


Ur-spo said...

Happy Valentines Day to you too
Funny I sometimes associate V-Day with Australia, thanks to Picnic at Hanging Rock.

equivocalvagabond said...

We're in the same boat in many ways. I have often thought the same thing about visiting my mom in the U.S. The hubby's mum lives only an hour's drive from us. And I'm also doing the jobhunt still. Let's hang in there! :)