6 June 2009

Bye, Bye....

...that is to What's up Wednesday. It seems that no one gives a damn about my life or to be fair no one really cares about who I am, what I've done or where I'm headed. So that little experiment is done and over. I must realise that seeing that the first installment of WUW only garnered me 3 question from a total of two people, than maybe I really only have two people that read this blog not including the lurkers. Anyway, I'm done with WUW and will try to see if I can find another way to entice some response from you people. Until then take care and enjoy.


jps246 said...

don't feel bad...I sometimes wonder if anyone actually reads my blog since feedback is so often lacking.

Bigg said...

I agree, don't take it too hard. I'm interested!

Ur-spo said...

I am sorry.
I sense your feelings are hurt; mine would be too.

Please take heart you are appreciated and loved - I do!

Steve and Warren said...

Please don't leave. We get very few comments on our blog also - but I want you to know, that regardless of the fact that we don't comment on to many guys' blogs - we have you on our list of daily stops.

I hope you'll reconsider...please.


Nathan said...

The amount of comments we receive is in no way reflective of the number of true readers, nor the number of people who actually care about us.

When we have a blog, it's easy to feel hurt if we don't get the response we were hoping for on a particular topic. I've found myself being very sensitive about it too, so I understand how you feel.

One thing that's helped me is removing the internet from the equation and just looking at this as it pertains to the outside world.

For example, I have friends that I consider myself close to. We talk maybe once every few months, making more during the holidays, but definitely less during busy times. So if I talk to a friend 6-10 times a year, I consider that pretty good.

For whatever reason, when we're online, we suddenly expect our friends to keep in touch weekly, maybe even daily. We want their participation on everything we write, and if they don't do as we want, we get upset.

I think this is an example of how too much technology actually damages us.

So anyway, we jump from offline friendships that involve interaction less than 10 times a year to suddenly expecting to hear from online friends 200, 300, more more times, depending how frequently we post.

When I look at it that way, suddenly I don't feel hurt at all. If I hear from an online friend once per season, I feel thrilled :)

I don't know if this helps, or makes any difference. But I just thought I'd share this, because it's what I think of when I feel disappointed with online responses.

Also, this is a tech bug I guess, but your blog feed hasn't worked on my computer for months. I'm not sure what happened with Blogger, but I remember at some point you adjusted the settings of your blog, and it's never worked for me since.

So for me personally, I have to make a mental note to stop by and check in, while other blogs are delivered straight to my list. Not sure if other people have that problem, but it could certainly limit the number of comments :)

Anyway, take care of yourself. You're loved by many people on here. Just because we don't stop by regularly doesn't mean we care any less. xoxo