20 July 2009

5 things about me and so on...

This is a long post but it's not so sad and depressing as the last one. Well that is if you don't mind looking at list about me and my life. Anyway, I got this from another blogger so very long ago and i can't remember who so I'll just give a general thank you to everyone and hopefully one of you will be the one I got this from. Enjoy...

5 jobs I have had:

Bus Boy

Mail Room Clerk

Job Recruiter

Retail Manager

Sexual Health Educator

5 movies I can watch over and over:

Auntie Mame

The Long, Long, Trailer

Happy Texas

Sordid Lives

All About Eve

5 places I have lived:

Grand Rapids, Michigan

New Orleans, Louisiana

Dallas, Texas

Sydney, Australia


5 TV shows I love:

Will & Grace

The Golden Girls

Hell's Kitchen

That 70's Show

Judge Judy

5 places I have been on vacation:

Sydney, Australia

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania (Australia)

St. Petersburg, Florida

San Francisco, California

Los Angeles, California

5 types of my favorite foods:






5 places I would rather be now:

Touring Europe

Cruising the Greek Islands


Las Vegas


5 stores I could not live without:

Old Navy (if I still lived in the states)

Angus & Robertson Bookstore

David Jones Food Hall

Rodd & Gunn

Dick Smith Electronics

5 things I would do if I won the lottery:

Go on a vacation around the world

Put some of it into savings and term deposits (CD'S)

Pay off all my debts

Help my family where I can

Make donations to my favourite charities

5 things I say daily:

I'm alive

I love you, to my hubby

Things have to get better

Where's the cat?

What do you want for dinner?, to hubby

5 things that make my day:

Waking up next to my hubby

A day without pain

Watching the sunrise

Seeing new things starting to grow in my garden

When hubby not only makes dinner but also does the dishes afterwards.

5 things that annoy me:

When my internet connection dropout

Incompetent and rude salespeople

Incompetent people in general

Government inconsistencies

The cat constantly wanting to go in and out. (I would put in a cat door but have o place to put one)

5 things I cannot live without:

My hubby

My family and friends

My books

My iPod

My computer

5 cars I have owned:

Ford Pinto (My first car)

Datsun 1600 Roadster

Ford Fiero

Mazda Miata

Volkswagen Golf

5 of the best concerts I have attended:

Paul McCartney and Wings

Joni Mitchell

Eric Clapton

Led Zeppelin

Elton John (with just him and a piano)

5 favorite restaurants around town I would be seen in:

Marque IV (Modern Australian)

Maldini Cafe (Italian)

Mezethe's Greek Taverna (Greek)

Anapurna (Indian)

Mai Ake (Thai)

5 things I did today:

Checked my emails

Went out for breakfast

Went to the grocery store

Watched some television

Worked on this blog post

5 things in my refrigerator that I cannot live without:

Bottled water (only because I can not drink tap water)

Real milk (it's non-homogenized so the cream floats to the top. Basically straight from the cow)

Salad greens

My home made garlic butter

fresh fruit (currently apples(

5 things in my pantry that I cannot live without:


Olive oil

My spices

All of my teas

Chai mix


Larry Ohio said...

Nice list. I think I'll have to do the same.

Paul McCartney and Wings -- they've been playing this on the radio a lot lately, and I can't get the music out of my head.

Ur-spo said...

I used to live in Fremont MI, so I know Grand Rapids.
I too could not live without tea!

Moys said...

Oh boy, you know I just can't let this meme go by without comment!
Vacations: New York State! Hastings/Queenstown New Zealand!!
Put a cat door in a window???
Other than that, agree with everything...WEG!!!
Love ya, as always! (and hubby too!)