2 July 2009

I'm very sad...

I just found out that one of my favourite characters in a British comedy has passed away. I love British comedies like "Fawlty Towers", "Keeping Up Appearances" and "Are you Being Served?" to name a few. Well, I'm sad to hear that the ever colourful Mollie Sugden (aka Mrs. Slocombe) from "Are You Being Served" has passed a way. No one can talk about her pussy like Mrs. Slocombe did and I always waited for her to say something witty about her pussy in each episode. I think one of the funniest is when she was worried about her pussy being alone at home and she called her neighbor from work and asked him to go next door and to look through the letter opening in the door and wanted to know "If you can see my pussy." I can't remember what she was worried about I think she hadn't fed her pussy. Or the time it had been raining so long in London and she was arriving at work and announced to everyone that her pussy got soaked and she had to dry it out in front of the fireplace. I could go on but won't. I'll just say fond farewell to you Mrs. S. You've finally made it to the big retail store in the sky, and can now answer that timely question "Are you free?" and answer "I'm free most definitely free".

Love the hair, love the woman...

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Ur-spo said...

oh I am sad too!
This is more upsetting to me than the those other celebrity deaths of late
We were just watching AYBS last week! so she was on our minds.
thank you for telling me this.