12 September 2009

12 of 12 for September 2009

I know I said I would be taking a small break from my blog and I still am. But as missed last months 12 of 12, I wanted to make up for it this month. Besides, I love doing the 12 of 12 project. (You can find out more about the project from it's creator here) This project gives me an excuse to use my camera more. Anyway, I had to take pictures from around the house again this month as hubby is still in Sydney and since he drives and I don't, well you get the idea. So, without further ado please enjoy this months 12 of 12.

PS I noticed a bit of a theme for this months photos and that being shadows. I didn't set out to take all of the shadow photos it just seemed to work out that way. Anyway, as I said enjoy..

The start of my day. I would have started earlier since I get up at 5:00am most days but today I got lucky and slept in a bit.

The first of many shadow photos and my self portrait entry for the month.

The first of the summer flowers, even though it's still just the beginning of spring. It's hard to believe that this plant was all but dead by the end of last summer. Some plants can be very resilient.

The first of many shadow effecting photos

Amazing what a shadow can do especially when you know what the origin of the shadow is to give you the photo.

Need I say another shadow

Ah look no shadow, but instead a nice shot of the moon in the day light.

These a separate boards from the inside of one of the old sheds in our back yard. The sheds have been up a good 50+ years so I wonder if at one time these are some of the original colours of the shed. It's hard to believe that someone would have gone through all the trouble to paint each board a separate colour, but i could be wrong.

Another shadow photo. The picture is hanging under and outside undercover area in the back yard and the light is coming from a clear part of the roof over the covered area.

The outside of the second shed in our back yard. Interestingly enough the inner panels of this shed are not painted like the other shed.

I'm not sure what I was going for here. It sure wasn't for the pretty flowers planted in the containers. Maybe it's a reminder to me that I need to do some gardening.

A wooden flower container we bought from a local wood maker down at the markets.

Well that's all for this month. I hope you found one or two of the photos of some interest. Definitely not my best 12 of 12 but they can't always be award winning. All you can do is keep taking photos and one day you'll get that perfect shot. See you next month with hopefully a few new blog post in between.


Larry Ohio said...

Your photos are outstanding! Love them!

Regina said...

Lovely shadow photos! I envie you for being able to say "spring is just starting" ...

Janelle said...

I love your photos Tony. Thanks for stopping by my site as well.

The shot of the flowers is just gorgeous. I wish I had the ability to grow anything in my garden other than weeds!

SG-3 said...

Loved the photos. And BTW, it was a half-moon. Half of it was in shadow :)

Pete said...

Hi Tony, love the shadow theme this month and especially the clock in the first picture. Very funky :)

Thanks for your comment as well, yes at the weekend I won't touch a PC, I will only use my Mac. Windows for the weekdays, Mac for the weekend.

Chris said...

I love the shadow pictures of the door, and the lamps. (By which I mean I love the glass lamps -- the shadow is nice, but the appropriate word for what I'm feeling is "covet.")

I, too, was stuck in the house today ... I think your pics are more interesting :)

Steve and Warren said...

We are back and we've moved.

Ur-spo said...

I thought them lovely.
I was glad to see you posting again.

Scooter said...

Beautiful pix. Your yard is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your delightful day with us. :)

Dogeared said...

I thought it was a great crop of 12 of 12 photos! Lovely weather, and interesting things to see :D

Sorry I’m late in replying! I only got my own 12 of 12 up at 1:30am today!

Helen (Dogeared)

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Your photos are amazing!

"Ice Pony Girl" said...

Love your photos! The last one...I imagine a barn door or pottery shed.