14 April 2007

Makes me proud....

I just had to share this picture with you, because it make me smile in my heart. My husband (James) is a very kind and generous man. James works in the emergency department at the local hospital. People will always get sick and people die everyday so his jobs is one of necessity. He uses his medical training to help people feel better when they are feeling their worst. Most of the people he helps treat usually go home and heal, some get admitted to the hospital because they need a bit more long term care and others never leave the department because they present at a time when their body is in a critical state. Those people that are so critical usually teeter between life and death. It is up to my partner and the other doctors and nurses to do everything they can to help each and every individual that walks through their door. James and his co-workers work to the point of exhaustion, both physical and mental, especially when it comes to resuscitating a person and trying to keep them from dying. Sometimes they will do this three or more times a night. When I say he save lives I mean he literally saves lives. I think it takes great courage to do what he does. Those people that do not survive do so through no fault nor lack of trying by my partner and the other staff members involved. After the death of a patient my partner is then regulated to comforting those left behind. He always shows great compassion to the people he is trying to help as well as for those left behind. He sees the worst of everything and he is still able to smile. He tries to find something good in a bad situation at a time when people are feeling lost. During that most difficult of times he is able to bring some peace and a semblance of normalcy to a very chaotic world. I applaud James as well as the doctors and nurses that work with him for the unbelievable work they do. I am a very lucky to know this man and I'm very proud of him and what he does everyday!

That's James with one of his favorite co-workers. See I told you he is always smiling.

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Lewis said...

You are spot on, my friend. I spent 4,000 hours as a volunteer emergency medical technician in an ER/trauma center. An amazing place, to say the least....as you already know. i loved every minute there. If I were smarter, I'd be a nurse or doctor or something similar. A big shout-out to your hubby and all others in the field.