27 August 2007

Here's trouble....

Why is it that many within our community (and I'm only speaking about the gay community), why is it that we are so judgemental? Now maybe I'm about to get into big trouble but really at my age I've been through enough and seen way more than I care to have seen. So, what the hell here goes. I won't be the first person to write about this and I am sure I won't be the last. Anyway, I'm just so tired of all this inside bitterness that many within the community have against one another. Maybe it's because so many of us are still uncomfortable about who we are and as such it necessitates taking others down so we feel better ourselves. Maybe it's because all of our lives we've had to fight to get where we are and it seems that many of had to take on the "take no prisoner's" approach to the world around us. Why attack each members of our own community and simply because we don't fit a certain model set not only by society but within our own community. I mean within our community we seem to have all of these standards we're not young enough, buff enough, we're too fat, too hairy, we're whatever. We will never be able to be accepted and garner equality if we continue to fight with each other and discriminate within our own community..

What I'm looking at would be impossible, a Utopia if you will. It would be impossible because at the end of the day we are all human (or at least I'm lead to believe so for matters of this post) and no matter what label you put on us/yourself be it gay, straight, bi, queer, what ever; at the end of the day you/we are still just human beings with all the same emotions, feelings, needs and wants as the next person. Why any of us thinks we are better than the next is besides me. Don't get me wrong I have been as guilty as the next person and I surely don't like myself because of it. I would like to think I've grown a bit past that and have become more accepting or at least I damn well try and will admit when I don't.

So you say, what's my point? Well my point is that just maybe before we start attacking someone because they don't' fit our criteria for "being normal" we might want to just stop and think how we've been treated in the past (or are being currently treated) and just maybe we will be willing to give that person a bit acceptance and a lot more benefit of doubt.
None of us is perfect and considering the state of the world and the bigger picture we have so many things we need to worry about, but then again just maybe we need to start within ourselves before we start trying to change the world around us. That's a whole other rant.

Anyway, I'm not sure where that all came from as I said earlier I'm getting older and I'm tending to spout off and maybe it's true as you get older you start to say things that you wouldn't normally have said because you just get tired of holding your tongue. It's not that I don't care but I get real tired of people telling me what I can and can not say. I will say what I want as long as whatever it is I say does not pointedly hurt someone. It's my opinion and like the rest of the world I'm entitled and to the rest of whoever you may be I leave the question: Why do we do it?

(really I'm not that old and angry I just play that way for those around me)


Glenn said...

Wow, what happened? Feel better now?

Lewis said...

Go for it.....come on....let us have it. I'm behind you the whole way. I have no patience or tolerance for it either.

TJ said...

Glenn...Yes much better now

Lewis...Thanks for that. It's just something that I get angry about and I guess I just realised that this is the place for me to say it.

Ur-spo said...

why we do it; i think it is fear of the unknown, of the stranger; old fears so archaic they pop up prior to our reasoning.
but we can choose
nothing in life is to be feared, but understood.

Sorted Lives said...

You're right, it's very prevalent in our community. Probably moreso with the younger guys. They have limited life experiences (hence being right out of high school) and have not grown up.

Nathan said...

I'm glad you said it, because indeed it is very irritating.

One person actually gave me an answer, and it was along the lines of what you said in your opening paragraph.

His opinion was that gay people have often been through some type of struggle in their life, which eventually builds up into anger and a general coldness towards the rest of the world, especially those in our own community.

It's too bad. Of all the people in the world, we should support those who know what our life is like the most :)