22 May 2009

What's the question???

Or better still where are the questions. In my last post I asked you my loyal readers to ask me a question that you wanted answered and so far I've only received one question. Now I know that there are more of you out there that want to have a peek into my life. I mean isn't that one if not the only reason you read my blog. I surely know it's not for the witty dialog. I figure you read this blog to have a "sticky beak" (Australian slang for looking or putting you nose into someones life to see how the other half lives) into my life. So, once again ask me a question. Nothing is off limits and if you do ask me a question that is off limits. well I just won't answer it but what the heck you 'll never know unless you ask. As I stated in the last post, every Wednesday I will answer the questions asked the previous Wednesday and then I will answer any new questions the following Wednesday and so on. Get those thinking caps on and find out more about me than you really need to know.

(PS put your question in the comments section of the last post or this one)

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Ur-spo said...

May ask another?
Today is Memorial Day: it makes me think of other holidays. But major holidays Do you still celebrate even though you live in Australia?