21 February 2008


As many of you may remember we recently became the proud parents to a beautiful new baby iMac. The addition of this newest member to our family makes us a true multi-faceted and international family. There are no prejudices in our home, and be you Australian or American, PC or Mac and everything in between, everyone is welcome and respected. We are very diligent in making sure that all of our children are equally loved and none are shown any preferences. We have never been more tested with that precept than when our gender challenged child was first brought into our home. We want to make sure that each child is made to feel that each is special in their own way without doting on one more than the other. The environment provided these children is one that you would expect to find in any other home in the country. In fact we work even harder considering the complexities of our varied household.

The one thing we have found in raising our children is the incredible amount of diverse products and developmental aids that we purchase and administer. Now we do this most willingly and will continue to provide whatever is be necessary for our children to continue to grow and expand into becoming the best that they can be and to hopefully help them to become functional members of society. Now along with the everyday items we provide each of our children we occasionally need to by something special for an individual child. These "special needs" items do not mean that this child is being treated special or better than the other children it merely means that there may be an item that this particular child needs to enhance their individual development.

Yesterday we bought such an item for our little iMac. James will be soon spending a bit more quality time with her as he will be including her in his journey of obtaining his Masters in Adult Education. Now iMac is ecstatic about being able to help her Daddy Jimmie but before she can do that she needed to get one of those "special needs" items. So yesterday we went out and bought iMac a new toy called Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac. Now iMac is a bright and intelligent little girl and she has been a very quick learner but in order for her to grow and for her to assit her father in his attempt to achieve a higher education than she will need to be able to identify as well as recognise certain files that her father will be using throughout his studies. iMac's new toy will allow her to learn and comprehend all of the documents and formats which she does not recognise at the moment. All in all I think that iMac loves her new toy and now she will be able to help her Daddy Jimmie when he wants to create new documents and even occasionally they may even do some arts and crafts when he creates a power point presentation at which time iMac will get to play with all sorts new colours and pictures. I'm sure that this will be a true bonding experience for the both of them.

Next up finding something new for the gender challenged child. What do you get a hermaphroditic cat?


Moys said...

Ken and Barbie dolls???

Ur-spo said...

you get the cat another cat of course!